Schematic Mapping of Shopping places in Delhi

Understanding the Place

To start with, I shortlisted 10 budgeted shopping places in New Delhi and plotted them on google maps. For easier and faster working, I mapped it by tracing it on a gateway, keeping the print under it.

Google Map showing the car route for the selected shopping places
01: Exact representation of the places as seen on Google Maps, with markings of metro+road routes.

Metro Lines in Delhi

New Delhi has a very extensive and spread out metro line transportation, which has become the primary mode of commute for millions. While mapping the places, I decided to focus on keeping metros as the primary mode for my schematic representation.
02: Marking the shopping places by overlaying it on INAT Metro Map of New Delhi

Radial Grid for the Schematic Map

I redrew the 01 route (after removing the metro lines) and noticed the presence of a possible radial grid.

Iteration 03: Road map after removing the underlying metro routes; 04: Combination of metro maps with the shopping places — This went on to become my final direction.

Schematic Representation

After the last iteration, I decided to directly work digitally due to the smaller details that were now to be added. Additionally, it was agreed to mark the shopping location different from the metro station to make the communication better and faster. As a result, I decided to schematically represent the walking route from the metro station to the market.

Digital Iteration of the possible Schematic Representation

Resolution & Final Representation

I went ahead with the following changes and marked the districts with a simple stroke without giving it any fill.



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Paridhi Yadav

Paridhi Yadav


A budding Graphic Designer, 7th semester student at NID Ahmedabad.